Thursday, July 31, 2008

Eastwood Furniture - Australia

Eastwood Furniture and its holding company Majawana have been formed in 1986 by Mr. Waspada in a town called Jepara in Central Java, Indonesia. Jepara is well-knows city for its handicrafts, furnitures and the center of arts and curiosities. People travel across the world to explore its abilities to produce unique furniture with its own unrivalled value and quality.

Eastwood Furniture as one of the most distinguished furniture manufacturer has brought the standard to the highest level by training its 450 dedicated crafters and acquiring modern machineries and equipment to produce top quality furniture. Eastwood Furniture products are ISO 9001-2000 certified for its quality management system and worldwide quality assurance.

Apart from its speciality in antique furniture reproduction, Eastwood Furniture has also manufactured various range of fine furniture; modern designs, as well as exterior / garden furniture made by different types of materials (such as Mahogany, Teak, Mindi, Sungkai, Damar). Eastwood Furniture participates in wood-sustainability programmes conducted by government and is always using sustainable and legal resources released by authorities.

Eastwood Furniture's products includes Cabinets, Chairs, Sofas, Tables, Beds, Fire Surrounds, Mirrors, Stands as well as various garden furniture have been widely exported in many countries including USA, UK, Australia, South Africa, Kuwait and Spain.

All products will be finished with "Kiln-dried" and all antiques are made with beautiful hand carving. We are very confident that it will be very worthwhile for financial investment. All products can be delivered in unfinished (raw) or finished (upholstered - fittings - glass - etc). Special order in any kind design can be made upon request. Eastwood Furniture gives high flexibility to suits customer wants and needs.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Java Furnicraft Furniture

Java Furnicraft - Indonesia, a reliable furniture manufacturer, which is located in Jepara, Indonesia proudly committed to supply the exclusive taste of wooden furniture in various styles of mahogany and teak indoor furniture.

In Java Furnicraft - Indonesia, you will get hundreds furniture collections which are different with any other products offered by other furniture companies. One of main advantages you will find is that most of their furniture products built in exclusive designs which are made by skilled-handcrafted people. Everyday we create and develope new designs in order to satisfy you with proud possession of our artistic and beautiful indonesia wooden furniture.

Their indonesia furniture collections are divided into four main categories i.e. MAHOGANY DECO-PAINTED STYLE, MAHOGANY ANTIQUE REPRODUCTION, MAHOGANY ANTIQUE FRENCH and TEAK JEPARA ART STYLE. Each categories present many items in bed and bed room set, single chair and living room set, dining chair and dining room set, armoire, office chair, office desk, lazy chair, ottoman, coffee table, dining table, small table, armoire, buffet, cabinet, console, showcase, plantstand, hallstand, chaise lounge, chest, bench, stool, sofa,TV cabinet, bookcase, decorative items, dressing table, mirror, sideboard, writing desk, fireplace until children furniture.

Besides, they welcome of every tailor-made furniture orders (custom built designs). As long as picture, size, detail specification and other references are provided for the furniture you require, our production team will translate it to the real goods as you desire. Many of our established clients do this way on some parts of their furniture orders.

In Java Furnicraft - Indonesia, you will never think to get any furniture products in expensive prices, as they will sincerely provide a valuable DISCOUNT for at least 1x20' container purchasing. Eventhough they offer any exclusive designs in luxurious styles, they deeply consider to have such a mutual and beneficial partnership with all their clients. Therefore affordable prices and DISCOUNT policy will always be provided everyday.

Those all above advantages have been bringing them into one of the leader of furniture manufacturer and exporter from Indonesia. Until now they have been exporting their exclusive furniture products to worldwide. USA, Germany, UK, France, Russia, Lithuania, Cyprus, Greece, Kuwait, UAE, Japan, Korea, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Srilanka are some of destination countries for exporting their wooden furniture.

As for your consideration, they would like to inform hereby that they sell their exclusive furniture products 100% only to a wholesaler and reseller. They do not sell them for any end-users. But if you really need to take them in retail, we can still accept your order but you should pay all freight charges, either in loose cargo of air or ocean freight, and eventhey will add the prices 20% more. This is effective also for any sample orders.

Please enjoy browsing their online furniture catalogue, submit an order cart, ask their marketing team for a DISCOUNT, and WIN THE MARKET RIGHT NOW !!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The D'lusso company Furniture

The D'lusso company specializes in the finest Italian bathroom furniture and vanities. Because they are direct importers, they can offer superb quality furnishings at a fraction of market price.

The D'lusso name, meaning "of luxury", is clearly exemplified in their product line. They welcome you to browse their site and choose from their many styles and price ranges of bathroom furnishings.

They provide both modern and classical styles of bathroom furniture

Contemporary bathroom designs with modern style and appeal.

Elegant traditional style with the finest wood and marble materials available.

Good in quality:

Lacquered Quality

The advantages of choosing bathroom furniture that are LACQUERED and not in PVC or laminate are obvious when considering what happens to doors when they have been immersed in water. Laminate or PVC covered doors, after a short time, swell and begin to peel off, while a lacquered door stays intact maintaining its features of greater stability and durability.

Hardware Quality

Success in evaluating the quality of your bathroom furnishings and its details is an important step in making a wise and logical choice.Our products are made using ISO 9001 certified hinges and drawer runners. The electrical components have the CE European trademark and the carcasses are made of waterproof "Idropan" chipboard.Other factors such as practicality make our products superior. For example, the pullout plinth and the adjustable metal legs, make cleaning operations much easier.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

CV Anindo Furniture

CV. Anindo Furniture

The company is indonesian based wholesale furniture manufacturer of handmade antique reproduction in chippendale style, sleigh style, canopy four poster bed, colonial style, victorian style, empire style for bedroom furniture, catalan bed, dining room furniture, living room furniture made for export quality furniture. Our best selling furnitures are rococo bed, king chair, shell bed, lion bed, Teak Garden Furniture, swan sofa, louis sofa, grandfather chair, bar stools, kitchen bar, rattan furniture, Bali furniture, venetian mirror, wine bar cabinets all is made of solid mahogany wood.

They make bookcases and cabinets, buffet, armoires, chest of drawers, tv cabinets, hallstands, mirrors, mirror consoles, consoles tables, desk chair, desk, dining table, dining chairs, coffee table, chair, sofa, barstool, fireplace, birdcage, occasional furniture, small tables, pine furniture, kitchen chairs, pub furniture, sideboard, bureaus, writing table, wall table, plantstand, dressing tables, bedside, children furniture. We make our furniture at low prices as possible. We also accept a custom design order for hotel project with the best raw material. Our high end quality wooden furniture is different to most of internet furniture site sellers since we have our own factory located in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. Most of the internet furniture site seller do not exist and do not have factories and customer can not count the quality furniture on them since they do not have skilled craftsmen.

Their superb quality handcrafted furniture was wellknown worldwide. If you want to do a furniture business by opening retail furniture stores, or wholesale company, you can choose us as your good furniture supplier. You can order our furniture in a natural pine finish, white painted, distressed finish, traditional nc finish, gilded gold finish, french wax finish. We can beat our competitors price like Bramble, Nadeau, Ashley, RD Imports, PT. Tosalena, Riverforks Import. They only accept an order at the minimum a 20 ft, 40 ft and 40 ft high cube container.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wirasindo Santakarya – WISANKA furniture

PT. Wirasindo Santakarya – WISANKA – is an Indonesian manufacturer and worldwide exporter of Indoor and Outdoor furniture made of wood such as Teak, Mahogany, and Acacia. Also manufacturing furniture made of natural fiber such as Rattan, Water Hyacinth, Sea Grass, and many more…
They have been in this highly competitive line of business since 1993 due to the professionalism and the great experience of our Production and Marketing Teams, who propose to our customers to choose from many designs, models and finishing processes.
The possibilities are bigger than what can be seen on this Website!
Please visit the website of their different manufacturing units by clicking on the corresponding links of Indoor Mahogany Furniture, Indoor Teak Furniture , Garden Teak and Alloy Furniture, Rattan and Natural Fiber Furniture, and Handicraft on this page.
Company Philosophy
As a leading Indonesian Furniture manufacturer and exporter, they are very concerned about satisfying their customers. Therefore they place ourselves in the buyer’s position and ask this very important question: What is the most important synergy influencing you to buy any product?
The Quality, The Price, or The Service?
They realize that The Quality is the most important thing. Because quality is what the final customers are mostly like to look after when they will renew the furniture of their homes or for a “first buy”. Life Quality is something they can create ourselves!
What comes second, but not less important, is The Price! We believe that quality can be found at Competitive Prices. That is why they always try to reduce their operational and production costs by studying the materials and manufacturing processes, without taking away any from the quality we have established as theirs.
Because they want their customers to be satisfied, not only with the Quality and Price, but also by their Business relationship with them, they propose the best of Services and Availabilities! This is the foundation of any business relationship and a proof of their goodwill to grow together with their customers in a Healthy and Respectful Long Term Business Relationship.
Their products are:
INDOOR MAHOGANY FURNITURE - Excellent taste of mahogany furniture for your home interior.
INDOOR TEAK FURNITURE - Finest style selected from best quality of Indonesian Teak Wood for interior living.
GARDEN TEAK AND ALLOY FURNITURE With combination of alloy and teak, we offer you a stylish design and modern look for your living.
RATTAN AND NATURAL FIBER FURNITUREDiscover your desire for rattan furniture and other natural fiber collections here in your place!
And So on..

Saturday, July 12, 2008

PT. New Indofurn furniture

The Company is Indonesian teak garden furniture manufacturer and exporter company. The Indonesia Furniture Company produce many various chairs, tables for dining, benches, chaise lounges, barstools, outdoor bars, sunbrellas to wholesalers and retailers. they manufacture our furniture from selected teak wood in grade A only, non chemical treatment and free of any defects, free of knots, no white streaks and in similar colour, they do not trick our customers by supplying the cheap and low quality furniture with chemical treatment just to similarize the natural color of the teak wood that can harm your skin and lounge. Be aware, there are thousands of teak outdoor furniture companies offer low prices furniture but don't you know that they use chemical treatment to cheat your eyes so you will see if the furniture is of grade A quality, but it is not. You will be losing thousands of dollars if you receive such a bad quality like this as in same cases the brass or hardware attached to the furniture also will be rust because of this chemical materials. By buying from their company, you will get multiple benefits:

1. You will get the direct manufacturer price, it means you just pay the same product from the manufacturers without any middle men, you save thousands of dollars by this transaction. Please be aware, there are hundreds of websites on the internet offering teak garden furniture but they are not the manufacturer, they act just a trading company, their prices must be higher than them and they may not know the quality you require as they are not expert in manufacturing process. You will be disappointed if you do business with these companies.

2. You do not need to pay the furniture inspection agent who takes a lot of cost as they can be your personal inspector to work from the date you place an order until we ship your order, they will send you a weekly report with detail pictures of your order so you can feel comfortable with the progress of your orders, even we become your furniture supplier and furniture inspector, they will never cheat you or sending a misinformation to you as they have an inspection team in their company different to the production team and did you know that this service is free of charges.

3. You will get 1 year warranty from us, so from the time you receive your order to 1 year later, your product is fully guaranteed. All the wood we source is from Indonesian forestry department, they call it PERHUTANI, they use only legal plantation timber and never use a rain forest wood as they do care of the ecosystem.

For the study construction, we kiln dried the wood until the moisture content reach 8 - 12% to make the products stand last in your garden, backyards or pool and no matter what season you have, the furniture will last for years. You can order for small pieces or in a container size order 1 x 20' or 40' or 40' HC container with assorted items you like. All screws and hardware we use are made of solid brass and rust free. The joints are tennon mortise joinery. The foldable items should fold and unfold easily as we put the assembling instructions along with each of the product. Knockdown and foldable items are packed with box to minimize the cost of delivery, save time upon loading and unloading from the containers, avoid from damages during the shipment. Their furniture is designed to comfortably use for life. They're also producing Indonesian teak patio furniture combined with alumunium.

They can attach the company name and address of our customers underneath of each items so they will get benefit on promoting our furniture under their company name. We have 2 different style finishes for all of our furniture, mostly is smooth sanded without any stains applied to the furniture but they can also finish the furniture in teak oil finish.

These informations hopefully will give you ideas and to know more about who they are and what we have done so far to produce high quality teak outdoor furniture and easy buying experience with our company. For more information about our product and to know more how and where do they ship their furniture please drop them a line.

Thank you and we look forward to doing business with you.

The Indonesia Furniture Company