Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wirasindo Santakarya – WISANKA furniture

PT. Wirasindo Santakarya – WISANKA – is an Indonesian manufacturer and worldwide exporter of Indoor and Outdoor furniture made of wood such as Teak, Mahogany, and Acacia. Also manufacturing furniture made of natural fiber such as Rattan, Water Hyacinth, Sea Grass, and many more…
They have been in this highly competitive line of business since 1993 due to the professionalism and the great experience of our Production and Marketing Teams, who propose to our customers to choose from many designs, models and finishing processes.
The possibilities are bigger than what can be seen on this Website!
Please visit the website of their different manufacturing units by clicking on the corresponding links of Indoor Mahogany Furniture, Indoor Teak Furniture , Garden Teak and Alloy Furniture, Rattan and Natural Fiber Furniture, and Handicraft on this page.
Company Philosophy
As a leading Indonesian Furniture manufacturer and exporter, they are very concerned about satisfying their customers. Therefore they place ourselves in the buyer’s position and ask this very important question: What is the most important synergy influencing you to buy any product?
The Quality, The Price, or The Service?
They realize that The Quality is the most important thing. Because quality is what the final customers are mostly like to look after when they will renew the furniture of their homes or for a “first buy”. Life Quality is something they can create ourselves!
What comes second, but not less important, is The Price! We believe that quality can be found at Competitive Prices. That is why they always try to reduce their operational and production costs by studying the materials and manufacturing processes, without taking away any from the quality we have established as theirs.
Because they want their customers to be satisfied, not only with the Quality and Price, but also by their Business relationship with them, they propose the best of Services and Availabilities! This is the foundation of any business relationship and a proof of their goodwill to grow together with their customers in a Healthy and Respectful Long Term Business Relationship.
Their products are:
INDOOR MAHOGANY FURNITURE - Excellent taste of mahogany furniture for your home interior.
INDOOR TEAK FURNITURE - Finest style selected from best quality of Indonesian Teak Wood for interior living.
GARDEN TEAK AND ALLOY FURNITURE With combination of alloy and teak, we offer you a stylish design and modern look for your living.
RATTAN AND NATURAL FIBER FURNITUREDiscover your desire for rattan furniture and other natural fiber collections here in your place!
And So on..


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