Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Java Furnicraft Furniture

Java Furnicraft - Indonesia, a reliable furniture manufacturer, which is located in Jepara, Indonesia proudly committed to supply the exclusive taste of wooden furniture in various styles of mahogany and teak indoor furniture.

In Java Furnicraft - Indonesia, you will get hundreds furniture collections which are different with any other products offered by other furniture companies. One of main advantages you will find is that most of their furniture products built in exclusive designs which are made by skilled-handcrafted people. Everyday we create and develope new designs in order to satisfy you with proud possession of our artistic and beautiful indonesia wooden furniture.

Their indonesia furniture collections are divided into four main categories i.e. MAHOGANY DECO-PAINTED STYLE, MAHOGANY ANTIQUE REPRODUCTION, MAHOGANY ANTIQUE FRENCH and TEAK JEPARA ART STYLE. Each categories present many items in bed and bed room set, single chair and living room set, dining chair and dining room set, armoire, office chair, office desk, lazy chair, ottoman, coffee table, dining table, small table, armoire, buffet, cabinet, console, showcase, plantstand, hallstand, chaise lounge, chest, bench, stool, sofa,TV cabinet, bookcase, decorative items, dressing table, mirror, sideboard, writing desk, fireplace until children furniture.

Besides, they welcome of every tailor-made furniture orders (custom built designs). As long as picture, size, detail specification and other references are provided for the furniture you require, our production team will translate it to the real goods as you desire. Many of our established clients do this way on some parts of their furniture orders.

In Java Furnicraft - Indonesia, you will never think to get any furniture products in expensive prices, as they will sincerely provide a valuable DISCOUNT for at least 1x20' container purchasing. Eventhough they offer any exclusive designs in luxurious styles, they deeply consider to have such a mutual and beneficial partnership with all their clients. Therefore affordable prices and DISCOUNT policy will always be provided everyday.

Those all above advantages have been bringing them into one of the leader of furniture manufacturer and exporter from Indonesia. Until now they have been exporting their exclusive furniture products to worldwide. USA, Germany, UK, France, Russia, Lithuania, Cyprus, Greece, Kuwait, UAE, Japan, Korea, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Srilanka are some of destination countries for exporting their wooden furniture.

As for your consideration, they would like to inform hereby that they sell their exclusive furniture products 100% only to a wholesaler and reseller. They do not sell them for any end-users. But if you really need to take them in retail, we can still accept your order but you should pay all freight charges, either in loose cargo of air or ocean freight, and eventhey will add the prices 20% more. This is effective also for any sample orders.

Please enjoy browsing their online furniture catalogue, submit an order cart, ask their marketing team for a DISCOUNT, and WIN THE MARKET RIGHT NOW !!